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Hardev Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine, Thread Rolling Machine manufacturer in Ludhiana. The testing process needs that the threads are cut from the rest of the part, bisected longitudinally, mounted in an epoxy resin, ground and lapped to a three micron finish, etched to reveal the micro structure, and microscopically inspected. The whole process requires a small a lot more than an hour, but requires specialized metallographic preparation and inspection equipment. Due to the fact production pauses for testing, a range of machines are needed, so the machinists perform on many jobs at the same time, alternating in between grinding, threading, and testing processes.

Salah satu industri pembuat komponen mesin thread rolling terkemuka di Jerman, yaitu FETTE, membuat sistim thread rolling yang tergabung dengan mesin bubut CNC dengan menggunakan dies silindris yang didukung oleh peralatan tambahan (thread rolling with attachment) seperti yang diperlihatkan pada Gambar 2.18, sehingga memudahkan dalam pengerjaan. Karena dapat digunakan untuk diameter yang lebih bervariasi hanya dengan menukar komponen dies dan pendukungnya disamping didukung oleh kepresisian dan besarnya torsi yang dihasilkan oleh mesin bubut CNC.

Rolling approach is advisable when threads are required with superior tensile, shear, and fatigue strength. Other processes like turning, milling and grinding remove material to create the thread kind, but thread rolling displaces the material with hardened steel dies. Rolling dies generally have a hardness among a variety of RC 58-63 and there is a specific set of dies for every thread size and each and every thread kind.

2. Value and volume consumption status and trends of the market place, like Worldwide and Chinese leading player’s capacity & production, price tag & production value, cost & profit and market place shares from 2011 to 2016. This rolling machine butts a pair of flat dies, and rolls a single back and forth more than a rolled die.

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