Do you know all about the equipment of aerobic exercise?

There are many kinds and forms of aerobic training equipment in gymnasium. For people who reduce fat, it is necessary to understand some common aerobic training equipment.

1. Treadmill

Treadmill is probably the most common and familiar aerobic exercise equipment for most fat reducers. Generally, treadmill is equipped with gradient and speed adjustment devices. Now some of the upgraded treadmills also have displays that can have music, video and other features to increase your interest in long-term aerobic exercise.

2. Elliptical machine

At present, elliptical machine is adjustable dumbbells gradually popular in gymnasiums, which is basically a standard configuration of commercial gymnasiums. Elliptical machine has little effect on lower limb joints, so it is a kind of aerobic equipment suitable for novices and heavy exercisers.

At present, some elliptical machines also have screens, which can display the trainer’s heart rate, respiratory rate, time, speed, energy consumption and other data, so that the trainer can more clearly understand the real-time exercise situation.

3. Mountaineer

In the gym, there are relatively few mountaineers to simulate stair climbing and mountain climbing, but for exercisers, this kind of equipment can well simulate the uphill posture, and has a significant weight loss effect.

4. Indoor cycling

Indoor cycling is a common aerobic exercise equipment in gymnasiums. Nowadays, many gymnasiums combine indoor cycling with dynamic music, forming a dynamic and interesting dynamic cycling process. This kind of aerobic training method can help the fat reducer to better carry out long-term training, avoid long-term boredom, and is conducive to persistence.

5. Rowing machine

Aerobic rowing machine is different from the sitting rowing machine used for back training. Aerobic rowing machine is an aerobic exercise, with the whole body muscles participating in coordination and less influence on lower limb joints.