Cylindrical and tapered roller bearings for mining equipmen

American Roller Bearing is a main producer of value ball, round and hollow and tightened roller bearings. We additionally offer plan and designing administrations for new applications and the improvement of existing applications.

American Roller Bearing can give bearing reconditioning administrations to every bearing sort and makers. Our bearings are working all throughout the planet in substantial applications, for example, draglines, electric digging tools, pressure driven digging tools and consistent excavators.

American Roller Bearing has a full line of barrel shaped and tightened roller bearings for jaw smashers, cone smashers and effect smashers. We can give the unwavering quality and execution you request in substantial spiral and push applications.

Progressed designing and configuration joined with quality materials and assembling measure bring about uncompromising tightened roller bearings that trade with industry-standard bearings yet perform better in extreme applications.

Planned with pin-type confines that beat the opposition, our tightened roller bearings can deal with the crude universe of mining and pounding. Additionally our round and hollow roller bearings utilize great divergently cast bronze enclosures that run smooth and cooler further developing activity and life.

To expand uptime and creation at your plant with better bearings, request American Roller Bearing to see the immense distinction among us and other bearing producers. Unrivaled plan, quality materials and exceptional assembling equivalent unshakable execution. To build worth and improve your speculation American Roller Bearing additionally offers bearing reconditioning administrations.

Bearings for rock squashing and aggregate applications

For intense conditions in both underground and surface mining Aggregate bearing supplier applications you can rely on American Roller Bearing’s experience to assemble bearings to meet your particular requirements. American Roller Bearing has been working in the hardest conditions and has demonstrated outcomes. Since 1911 we have been making bearings that hold up.

In the harshest applications you need the best plans, best materials and best practices. Basically to get the best outcome you need American Roller Bearing’s planned and made items to act in extreme applications like stone squashing, aggregate preparing and concrete creation.

High-limit tube shaped roller bearings

Exactness assembling and better plan have an effect than your roller bearings. Planned and produced to demanding resiliences to guarantee top execution and outstanding life, American Roller Bearing offers unparalleled support in the hardest of conditions.

Hard core pin-type confine plan

On the off chance that you need a bearing that can hold up under outrageous tension our pin-type confine configuration is the bearing for you. The pin-type configuration gives a strong intense enclosure that flourishes in mining and aggregate applications. Weighty steel rings welded to solidified and ground pins give you the steadiness and strength for long life and remarkable execution.

Bearing designing and configuration administrations

American Roller Bearing has plan and application architects to help with planning bearings for new hardware and breaking down existing applications. We utilize the most recent advances in programming and innovation to assess application and plan arrangements that will work.

Bearing reconditioning administrations

Regularly when you open a machine for administration you are reluctant to reuse the bearings. With American Roller’s bearing reconditioning administration we can speculate work out and save your important resources.

Eliminate and supplant the bearings, then, at that point send the pre-owned bearings to American Roller Bearing for a free assessment and assessment report. We can recondition a wide range of bearings like tube shaped roller, tightened roller and circular roller bearings just as metal balls.

Despite the first maker we can regrind the races, make new rollers, and improve or redo confines and get back to you a ‘like new’ bearing for a small portion of the new cost. We will likewise give a ‘like new’ guarantee, offering a quality assistance that assists you with setting aside time and cash without forfeiting execution.