Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units In Dallas

From schools to medical complexes to everything in between, Butler’s VSR II metal roof system creates weathertight durability that looks as good as it performs. The MR-24® Conventional Roof System features factory-punched structural members and roof panels to ensure a precisely aligned roof system. Precise alignment adds durability to the roof system and enables it to respond easily to daily and seasonal tempem is a prime example of the ground-breaking innovations that have made Butler a leader in the industry today. Suitable for most roof retrofits and re-roofing projects, the MR-24 system specifically engineered to offer precision performance that is durable, flexible, and virtually maintenance-free.

The PR-Series provides fresh air, which is critical to facilities such as schools/universities, health care facilities/hospitals and hotels/resort complexes. The PR-Series is an efficient, packaged rooftop heating and air conditioning system that offers design flexibility with a wide selection of factory options. Each type of solar power system has its pros and cons, so choosing the right one depends on your energy needs and property details. Utility, efficiency, maintenance, and aesthetics are common factors that determine which design is better for you. At YellowLite, our team makes sure to consider your priorities while preparing design options. We want you to be able to confidently move forward with your solar investment.

The goal would be to see if it made economic sense to the parking area owners to install PV systems and sell the electricity to the utility. This page is dedicated to collecting all Literature’s centered around large parking lot areas with rooftop PV systems. Roofing is a national publication that unravels, investigates and analyzes how to properly design, install and maintain a roof system. Through the voices of professionals in the field, Roofing’s editorial provides a unique perspective. I agree, the goal of blue roofs is to help manage stormwater runoff. The question is, Are blue roofs being designed using data that represents real events?

Rooftop Packaged Unit with Hot Water Coil Seller

Blue Oak was able to provide valuable guidance on how to adapt the arrays to complicated architecture , and our use of 3D modeling software clearly and quickly conveyed to the team various design options. This installation was part of a larger renovation project at the complex at the U. S. Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center and required close collaboration with all parties involved.

Tectura Designs, a Wausau Tile brand, offers a line of green roof paving systems that include a locking system. The locking system is needed where wind uplift could carry loose tiles up into the air. Uplift is usually the most drastic at the corners of the building and around the building’s parapet. Coal tar pitch is suspected to be carcinogenic and most owners and designers avoid it for that reason, in spite of the excellent performance characteristics.

Work closely with your contractor during the installation process and schedule a regular maintenance program. For example, a unit with a badly fouled coil might operate at an efficiency of 1.6 kW per ton, rather than the designed 1.3 kW. For a 20-ton unit, that dirty coil could increase energy costs as much as $250 per month or more. You might also consider installing an ultraviolet light to help keep the coil clean between scheduled maintenance visits. ASHRAE Standard 180 offers checklists for maintenance tasks of rooftop units. Commercial packaged rooftop cooling systems in the 5- to 30-ton range are often distributed in several locations along a rooftop, depending on the size of the building and the overall cooling load required.