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Our versatile range of high efficiency air cooled, water cooled, free cooling and remote condenser chillers gives customers a wide choice of cooling capacities from 20kW up to 3MW. This kind of screw-type compressor features high cooling efficiency, low noise, and long service life to ensure your air cooled chiller smooth running, high cooling performance with energy-saving. The Chiltrix small air cooled chiller compressor is fully variable in capacity and its operation is continuously adjusted to match the required heating or cooling output, avoiding on/off cycling and wasted energy. When measured on an annual basis, the average energy savings produced by the Chiltrix dynamic capacity system can exceed 40-50%. Manufactured in the United States the Air-Cooled Chillers from BV Thermal Systems are rigorously tested to ensure that chillers meetOur requirements before we would ship any unit to you. The Air-Cooled feature a hot gas by-pass which routes the hot, uncondensed refrigerant back through a reservoir coil thus eliminating the on/off cycling of the compressor. Utilization of the hot gas by-pass allows for greater stability and thermal protection for the pump, motor and compressor. On the other hand, industrial chillers incorporate refrigeration units in their cooling setup.

It is widely used in electronics, electroplating, food, machinery, chemical, laser, card making, medical and other industries. Because the source of heat exchange is gas and it is equipped with a special electric fan, it is called “air cooling”. S&A Teyu CW-3000 series thermolysis type recirculating industrial water chillers are able to cool CO2 laser tube,CNC spindles,welding equipment, lab equipment or low power equipment. Water-cooled chillers are installed in the building, therefore protected by the elements and giving them a longer lifespan. At times, this is the only option for larger installations and can provide better energy efficiency. Low-pressure water-coolers offer a significant reduction in emissions over the system’s lifetime . Let’s be real, money one of the most important factors when looking at what chiller to install. Initially, air-cooled chillers are lower than water-cooled chillers.

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IoT enables the collection of real-time data from a chiller to enable continual analysis of its operation. The granular IoT data collected from a chiller will go far beyond that obtained by visual inspection. IoT connects building engineers to real-time visibility of critical HVAC assets, thereby enabling informed monitoring of actual operating conditions. A chiller’s cooling quotient depends on proper refrigerant levels in the system. Maintaining proper refrigerant charge can greatly impact energy efficiency by reducing cooling costs by nearly 5-10%. Commercial buildings use Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems to dehumidify and to cool the building. Modern commercial buildings seek efficient HVAC systems and components as part of broader initiatives centered on building performance and sustainability. Building occupants similarly carry great expectations, that the HVAC system will function as intended . to create a comfortable interior environment regardless of the conditions external to the building.

A mechanical draft cooling tower is one of the two types of towers that you can select for cooling purposes. This type of tower uses large fans to pull in cooler air from outside of the tower. Chillers are usually located in mechanical rooms where other industrial equipment is installed. In other cases the chiller may be outdoors or between the cooling tower and process that requires chiller. This usually depends on the application, the size, and type of chiller and the compressor. No matter where they are they will need regular chiller maintenance to operate efficiently. All Kote Lining, Inc. offers full service cooling tower and chiller maintenance to locations all over the Phoenix Valley. Water chillers are mechanical devices/refrigeration systems that are used to dehumidify air and cool fluids in industrial and commercial facilities. The difference between water and air chillers is that the water is sent to a cooling tower to cool the water in a water chiller.

Chiller costs consume a substantial part of your building’s utility bills. What measures should one take to obtain energy savings through maximal efficiency of the chiller system? The all-inclusive nature of air-cooled chillers reduces maintenance costs. Their relative simplicity coupled with reduced space requirements produces great advantages in many types of installations. In general, a chiller facilitates the transfer of heat from an internal environment to an external environment. This heat-transfer device relies on the physical state of a refrigerant as it circulates through the chiller system. Certainly, chillers can function as the heart of any central HVAC system. Portable Air has a fleet of portable, air-cooled chiller rentals ranging in size from 15 tons to 500 tons. Portable Air’s chiller rentals are trailer mounted, making delivery and set up quick and efficient. Portable air-cooled chillers can also be used for large events or emergency situations.

Designed to meet and optimise the benefits of refrigerant R134a, users can enjoy exact cooling capacities on request, alongside SEPR seasonal performance compliance and impressively high nominal EER ratios. The screw compressors at the heart of this installation offer high efficiency that you’d struggle to find elsewhere, and they don’t work alone. Other features include air-cooled condensers, high-efficiency EC axial fans, and a single pass shell & tubes evaporator. For anyone seeking a wide operating range, a variety of safety processes, and large-scale chiller integrations, the Phoenix Plus offers these benefits and plenty more besides. S&A Teyu CW-6300 air cooled water chillers with cooling capacity 8500W and support Modbus-485 communication protocol, are applied to cool YAG laser or co2 metal RF tube or semiconductor laser. S&A Teyu CW-3000 series portable industrial air cooled chillers are able to cool CO2 laser tube .

In this condition, you must install the air cooled screw chiller for your cement plant. Air cooled screw chillers are very popular refrigeration equipment that can provide steady and reliable water cooling sources for both industrial and commercial usage. The longer the annual running time of the air cooled screw chiller, the more favorable it is to adopt air-cooled screw chiller. Before this article, let’s have a look at air cooled screw chiller video we finished in the TopChiller factory. Air cooled screw chiller is another type of big cooling capacity chiller to meet your big scale cooling requirements. These portable air-cooled chillers with a 45-70°F operational temperature range with a maximum ambient temperature 95°F cooling range feature environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.

The 300 lbs of R22 was removed and recovered prior to disconnecting, so the new owner had to re-charge. Arrived at KIG in August 2016 was this nice 15 ton Drake Air Cooled Chiller. This 460 volt unit has DUAL compressor, and also a 2 pump system with evaporator pump and process pump. It is OUTDOOR rated and has low ambient option too, so it can run year round even in colder climates. Ideal fluid temperature for this industrial unit is 45°F to 65°F approximately. Unit was run and tested at KIG and sold with a money back guarantee. Acquired by KIG in March 2015 was this nice 14 ton York YCAL series Air Cooled Chiller. We refurbish/test/sell about 100 chillers annually from our Clinton MA facility, and this unit was run and tested here prior to shipment, and sold with a money back guarantee of functionality. The unit has DUAL 7 hp Scroll compressors, and it has the factory “low ambient” option to allow this chiller to be used year round for process cooling in both warm and cold climates .

TopChiller® air-cooled screw chillers have been serving the printing industry for years. The air-cooled screw chiller is suitable for areas where the water source is located in a tight area. What’s more, the company managers do not need to hire workers to install the cooling tower, pumps, and pipes. Therefore, there are screw compressors for both kinds of chillers. Air-cooled screw chillers usually use either electronic expansion valves or thermostatic expansion valves . The condenser coils are usually made of copper tubes and aluminum fins and are assembled in the form of W to offer a larger heat exchange surface. Oil separators in TopChillerr® air-cooled screw chillers are smaller in size and fewer moving parts, which make them more effective in the removal of oils in the refrigerant and also lower in terms of failure rates. For air-cooled screw chiller, we are using Hanbell brand or Bitzer brand semi-hermetic screw-type compressors.

With combination of 16 single units of 10, 15 tons, maximum 240 tons can be achieved from a single system. Samsung DVM Chiller enables users to reduce annual utility costs compared to traditional chillers, while the operational modes can be adjusted to allow for seasonal requirements. Design software for DVM Chiller can be found in the “Software Downloads” section. CHPInsight – Powered by CHPInsight Customers may opt to equip their Cogeneration units with our custom CHPInsight software to enhance their equipment’s performance. With our custom dashboard, CHPInsight allows customers to view in real-time their current and historic equipment performance, monetary savings, greenhouse gas reduction, etc. With the majority of our customers selecting long-term maintenance agreements, having the most advanced, reliable equipment monitoring and diagnostic solution protects your valuable equipment for the long-term.

We have refurbed and supplied dozens of this style unit over the years. Unit was run tested, leak tested, cleaned and cosmetically touched up, and run for several days before shipping. This uses the newer R407C refrigerant and has a scroll compressor, hot gas bypass, water flow bypass, and includes “overhead piping kit” which is normally closed solenoid valve on inlet and check valve on outlet. Because the air cooled chiller uses floating head pressure control, the compressor energy costs are actually less than the water cooled chiller’s compressor costs-a $4,757 difference ($20,585-$15,585). Adding the tower system’s operating cost of $17,429 results in a $22,186/year operating cost savings. A more efficient variable speed water cooled centrifugal chiller reduces the cost difference to $16,725-still a significant annual cost penalty. If you summarize this, air cooled chillers are better in maintenance part, easy in installation, do not require water & gives great performance in freezing weather. Whereas, water cooled chillers are energy efficient, have longer life & come with larger capacities.