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Needle roller bearings are roller bearings with barrel shaped rollers that are little in measurement. Disregarding their low cross area, needle roller bearings have a high burden conveying limit and are along these lines incredibly reasonable for bearing courses of action where spiral space is restricted.

Outspread needle bearings are tube shaped and use rollers corresponding to the pivot of the shaft. Push needle bearings are level and utilize a spiral example of needles.

Full commendation bearings have strong china Aggregate bearing supplier internal and external rings and rib-directed barrel shaped rollers. Since these bearings have the biggest conceivable number of moving components, they have very high outspread burden conveying limit and are reasonable for especially reduced plans.

Needle bearings are intensely utilized in motor parts, for example, rocker arm turns, siphons, blowers, and transmissions. The drive shaft of a back tire drive vehicle ordinarily has no less than 8 needle bearings (4 in every U joint) and frequently more in case it is especially long, or works on steep slants.

  1. Bearing material: Chrome steel(GCR15)
  2. Lodging material: Cast iron(HT200)
  3. Lodging tone: Green or as per client necessity
  4. Conveyance time: According to the amount of the payload
  5. Installment: FOB cost – 30% T/T ahead of time, balance installment before shipment

Profound depression metal ball is the most widely recognized sort of moving bearing. The fundamental kind of profound furrow metal roller comprises of an external ring, an inward ring, a steel ball and a gathering of confine. There are two sorts of single and twofold line profound score metal ball type, profound depression ball structure additionally seal and open construction, open is alludes to the bearings without fixing structure, fixing type profound furrow ball for fixing and dustproof and against oil seal. The residue cover material is squeezed by the steel plate, and just the residue entering the bearing roller can just play a basic way. Hostile to oil type for the contact type oil seal, can viably forestall the oil inside the bearing flood.

Profound notch metal ball type code 6, code 4 twofold column profound section metal ball. Its construction is basic, simple to utilize, is the creation of the most well-known, the most broadly utilized kind of bearing.

1, profound furrow metal ball

2, with dust front of profound furrow metal ball

3, with dust front of profound furrow metal ball fixing ring

4, the external ring is given a halting furrow and check of profound section metal ball ring

5, profound depression metal balls hole

6, twofold column profound section metal roller

As indicated by the size of profound depression metal balls can be separated into:

(1) small scale bearings – ostensible measurement size scope of 26mm underneath the bearing;

(2) little bearings – ostensible width size scope of 28-55mm bearing;

(3) little and medium measured bearings – ostensible breadth size scope of 60-115mm bearing;

(4) in the enormous bearing – ostensible breadth size scope of 120-190mm bearing

(5) enormous bearings – ostensible breadth size scope of 200-430mm bearing;

(6) additional enormous size bearing, ostensible measurement scope of 440mm or more.

Profound depression metal balls can be utilized for gear box, instrument and meter, engine, home devices, inward ignition motor, transport vehicles, rural hardware, development apparatus, designing hardware, roller skates, yo.

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Bundling and Delivery

Bundling Detail: 1. Container (up to 150mm of ID); 2. Wrapped by oil paper and water-verification belt (above 150mm of ID); 3. Wooden beds or wooden instances of free fumigation

Conveyance Detail: 1 days of stock, 10-25 days of make enormous request


Bikes, Electric Bicycles, Electric Motors (Scooters), Electric Tools, Fans, Sports Apparatus, Washing Machines, Dust Collectors,

Ventilators, Textile Machines, Running Machines (Treadmills), Household Appliances, Water Pumps, Agricultural Machines, Precision Machineries, and so forth