Analysis of the development trend of international trade in the new situation

  The importance of international trade

  (A) The important influence of international trade on the national

  International trade is the international transfer of goods and services, and international trade from the perspective of a country is foreign trade. International trade is conducive to the exchange of different products in the world, enriching the diversity of consumer products in our domestic market, meeting the different consumer needs of the nationals, and helping to improve the quality of life of the nationals. At the same time, international trade can make more enterprises develop in China, which can provide more jobs and contribute to the increase of employment rate in China. International trade will also enable different cultures and values around the world to communicate and exchange, so that people can learn to diversify their culture and improve their own cultural level.

  (B) the important impact of international trade on enterprises

  The most important subject of international trade is the enterprise, the enterprise is the bridge and carrier of communication international trade. Through international trade, enterprises can look for the best company address, the best place of origin of raw materials and the best product market in the world, which can minimize the cost and maximize the profit of enterprises, which is conducive to better development of enterprises. Through international trade, production factors can be better circulated and allocated freely around the world to improve the utilization rate of resources. Through international trade, you can learn and introduce the advanced technology and management concepts of excellent enterprises in other countries, which can improve the technical level and management level of enterprises. In international trade, each enterprise not only has to compete with domestic enterprises, but also with foreign enterprises, which forces enterprises to improve production technology, improve product quality, reduce production costs, which is conducive to promoting the elimination of superiority and inferiority of enterprises, which is conducive to the self-improvement of enterprises, improve the international competitiveness of enterprises, and thus also improve the overall competitiveness of the entire country’s enterprises and optimize the entire national enterprise Structure.

  (C) the important impact of international trade on the country

  International trade is the trade between an enterprise of one country and another enterprise. International trade is conducive to regulating the supply and demand of national markets, international trade makes the world a market, which can make the free flow of trade, can freely exchange the required factors of production and products, can complement each other’s advantages, resource allocation, can accelerate the export of domestic surplus materials, while the lack of imports of domestic products. International trade can promote the free flow of production factors to more valuable places in all countries around the world, which can lead to a more rational allocation of production factors such as capital, technology, and labor in the world, enhance the value of the utilization of production factors, and promote the rational allocation of resources. Through international trade, the country can also increase its fiscal revenue, such as import duties and other taxes from customs. Through international trade, international ties between countries can be strengthened, which is conducive to closer relations between countries and to promote economic development. At the same time, through international trade can also spread different cultures and values, is conducive to cultural pluralism, is conducive to broadening the cultural horizons of the nation, improve the level of culture, establish the correct values, and at the same time can carry out the cultural export of the Chinese nation, can promote the spread of Chinese culture.

  Background of the new situation of international trade

  Today’s world is a world of economic globalization, political multipolarity and cultural pluralism. Economic trade is developing in all countries around the world, and production factors are freely circulated and allocated through the global market, and enterprises are facing competition from all enterprises around the world, and the market faced by enterprises is also a globalized market. The global economy has also changed from a single model to a multi-model, and the development trend of economic regionalization is obvious, such as the establishment of the EU economies, APEC and NAFTA, all of which show that the global economy is developing in the direction of multi-polarity. Trade competition between countries is also becoming more and more intense, and the trade environment is becoming more and more complex, these are the new situation of international trade, which also brings great challenges to the development of international trade in China. In the face of the new situation of international trade, China’s foreign trade is facing huge challenges, but also ushered in huge development opportunities. How to make better policy guidelines for the development of international trade in the context of the new situation, the country, and how to enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises is the focus of promoting the development of China’s foreign trade.

  The development trend of international trade under the new situation

  (A) liberalization

  With the development of science and technology, the flow of factors of production in countries around the world is more free, and factors of production will flow freely to the place where it is most needed and most valuable, so as to better realize the effective allocation of resources and enhance the allocation efficiency and utilization rate of global resources. The scope of the objects and subjects of international trade is getting larger and larger, and international trade is not only limited to physical products, but also expanded to services, technology, investment and other aspects, while the number of countries involved in international trade is also increasing, and there are more and more multinational enterprises, thus promoting more liberalization of international trade.

  (B) Globalization

  With the development of international trade and the increasingly fierce international competition, enterprises in the international competition through continuous exchanges and learning, the introduction of advanced technology and management concepts, improve the production technology, optimize enterprise management, so as to enhance the international competitiveness of enterprises. Through the globalized market, enterprises can find the best place of production and raw materials, reduce production costs, share the global market, find the most suitable market for their development, occupy the most advantageous market, and expand their market share in the world. By continuously optimizing the internal structure in international trade and enhancing international competitiveness, it is conducive to improving the overall economic strength of the country, optimizing the industrial structure of the whole country, and the development of international trade globally.

  (C) information technology

  The 21st century is the era of information technology, technology, computer technology and Internet technology to develop at a rapid pace. In recent years, the development mode of international trade has gradually changed to a new development mode with computers and the Internet as the medium, through computers and the Internet can promote the communication and exchange of international trade information, can better contact with business partners and customers, can improve the management level of enterprises, through technology can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


  International trade is of vital importance to the citizens of a country, enterprises and even this country. Under the background of economic globalization, the development of international trade presents the trend characteristics of liberalization, globalization, informationization, diversification and standardization. In order to make China’s foreign trade develop better, the country should make better international trade policy and strategy, introduce advanced technology, management experience and excellent talents, and continuously improve its international competitiveness.