Analysis of the development trend and revelation of international trade finance

The economic foundation determines the superstructure is a well-known theory, and the economic development of a country directly affects the comprehensive national power of this country, so that the development of the national economy is the foundation of the country, the foundation of development, in addition, in order to ensure the healthy development of our economy, we need to understand the development trend of international economy and trade, so that we can make decisions to comply with the trend of world economic development.

The current situation of China’s international trade financing development

(A) financing methods and structures have changed

With the change of the times, China’s international trade financing methods become more and more, due to a series of changes in the economic environment, the traditional way of financing letter of credit transactions began to be restricted, at the same time began to emerge for a variety of financing products trading settlement methods, to order and the way of goods mortgage financing, for example, which can simultaneously meet the needs of enterprises on the use of letters of credit and import and export trade In addition, in terms of financing structure has also undergone certain changes, such as China’s original financing mainly by domestic banks to supply, foreign banks are limited to lending packaging and other such financing services, a closer look at the international situation today can be found, with the rapid development of today’s international market economy, international trade activities more and more, so that, in order to meet the development needs, the financing model In this way, in order to meet the development needs, the financing model is constantly accelerating, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of corporate trade activities, the need to constantly broaden the financing channels of enterprises, which means that international trade financing is not only dependent on domestic and foreign banking enterprises, some financial companies and business enterprises will also participate in it.

(B) small and medium-sized enterprises gradually become the object of financing

At this stage, the market economy is expanding, and small and medium-sized enterprises have the opportunity to develop. Generally speaking, the main reason for SMEs to survive and develop is to rely on the industrial chain of large enterprises, so SMEs will follow the pace of development of large enterprises, and then face global development; similarly, large enterprises want to obtain a good development environment and resources to be quickly replenished, also rely on SMEs. In other words, the premise of ensuring our industry to nationalize is to reasonably plan and implement to add SMEs to the development tide of international trade financing. In this process, in order to avoid large enterprises to implement monopoly policy, we must solve the problem of financing small and medium-sized enterprises, to ensure the premise of economic development, so that small and medium-sized enterprises to make clear their own positioning in the economic market, so as to promote the stable development of China’s economic market.

The development trend of international economy and trade

(A) Showing the trend of extremely rapid growth

Along with the increasing trend of world economic integration, the development of science and technology has been steadily improved, trade between countries has also embarked on a new stage of development, especially in recent years, frequent exchanges between countries, exchanges and interactions are increasingly obvious, active diplomacy, and promote trade exchanges, in the premise of bringing their own economic development, but also timely understanding of the development trend of the world market, therefore, the realization of trade extremely fast development is just around the corner.

(B) Development trend of diversified trade

At the present stage of people’s development, advanced information and Internet technology has entered thousands of households. People can keep abreast of the latest developments even without leaving home, and can chat, shop and make friends online very conveniently. Of course, on the other hand, there will be people who question the safety of the Internet, so the Internet has been handed over to specific institutions to be reasonably controlled, and people can use it in a healthy environment. Therefore, we can infer that we can operate international trade online and achieve diversified development.

(C) Enhancement of inter-regional cooperation

In terms of the current state of development of each country, many countries with strong economic power mostly use bulk trade to enhance the influence of the country and the right to speak in international exchanges. Therefore, in the future development process, accelerating the development of inter-regional cooperation will become the mainstream mode. According to the relevant survey data, under the development trend of regional trade cooperation, the economic take-off of regional member countries has been realized, and the total amount of world trade, regional trade is up to more than half, so it is evident that the future development center will revolve around this model.

Inspiration of international trade financing

(A) in-depth understanding and understanding of the risks of international trade finance

In-depth knowledge and understanding of the risks of international trade finance is a prerequisite for our trade work. Therefore, we should have an in-depth understanding of the trend of trade development between countries, and have a sense of crisis in the process of industry development, and make scientific and reasonable analysis of the potential risk factors in the development process, speak with data, and put forward effective solutions to efficiently avoid risks.

(B) Improve the financing credit assessment system

With regard to the analysis of the current stage of trade?l development trend, we find that financial institutions value the repayment ability and integrity of enterprises after the first financing. Therefore, our banks are required to improve the financing system, integrate the overall qualification and information of enterprises in all aspects, and comprehensively understand the overall situation of enterprise development and operation as the borrowing criteria. Not only that, in the face of customers who make financing for the first time, the guarantee system should also be improved to continuously mitigate the risks of financing institutions and ensure the healthy development of the financing market.


To sum up, reasonable international trade financing can help enterprises to overcome financial difficulties and achieve long-term development. At this stage, along with the frequent international exchanges and the use of Internet technology, prompting international trade tends to diversify the development of the development process to increase the transparency of the public, so that enterprises want to get the opportunity to survive and develop in the market economy competitive trend, we must keep pace with the development of the times, and constantly improve their own development system, recognize the sources of risk, and reasonable risk avoidance.