Bio Diesel

Ever increasing consumption of fossil fuels and petroleum products has been a matter of concern for the country for huge outgo of foreign exchange on one hand and increasing emissions causing environmental hazards on the other. Bio Fuels are vegetable products, which can be used as fuel instead of fossil fuel. The most common fuels in the category are Bio-diesel and anhydrous ethanol. To exploit the opportunities available in this sector, the promoters are interested to diversify its manufacturing activity in the Bio-diesel ,. Sector and accordingly envisaged to set up a project of Bio-diesel production with captive Plantation preferably.

The company is in the process of acquiring land for their own plantation.The promoters of the company have strong technical and managerial capabilities and they have vast work experience in reputed organizations in various levels prior to the existing activities. Apart from the above, the company has strong network in the agricultural sector, which would be an added advantage for the . proposed activity of Bio-Crop Plantation as well as Bio-diesel Production.